Employees have better access to speedy justice during SENA

Enployees especially barely scraping by needs speedy closure to their labor problems.

Usually their claims are simple money claims like payment below minimum wage.

Under the Single Entry Approach, enployees can get their employers on thr table and air their grievances and claim what is due them.

Of course, this proceeding is just summary and works towards amicable settlement.

Nobody not even the hearing officer can coerce the parties to settle. But for claims that are rightfully due and not so substantial, SENA might just give employees speedy justice.

This is not to mention helping to clog the labor arbiters’ dockets.

Who has the burden to prove that the employee is entitled to overtime pay

Overtime work is not a day-to-day part of the employee duty. As a matter of fact, the law requires employees to work for only eight hours. There are specific instances provided by law when the employer can compel its employees to work overtime.

As a result of this situation, it is the employee’s burden to prove that they in fact rendered overtime work.

Wage Increase for Metro Cebu takes Effect on August 3, 2018

DOLE is now focus on increasing productivity. Mandaue Chamber of Commerce said they respect the wage board’s decision. What is now important is to increase labor productivity.

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West Visayas increase in minimum wage to a range of P295 to P365 takes effect on July 12

In this news, wage order no. 24 was published on June 27 and shall take effect on July 12.

The wage order contains exemptions such as small businesses. But the employer concerned will still have to file an application for exemption.

Employers who are not compliant will be penalized with double indemnity by DOLE.

Want to know how much salary employees get per industry?

Whether you are in construction or whatever, and you want to know the average salary rate. You might want to check this website where you will know the average salary rate per industry. The website is https://www.payscale.com/index/PH/Industry.