Wage Increase for Metro Cebu takes Effect on August 3, 2018

DOLE is now focus on increasing productivity. Mandaue Chamber of Commerce said they respect the wage board’s decision. What is now important is to increase labor productivity.

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Retrenchment is a valid way to dismiss employees

Though today’s economy is far from declining, retrenchment is the least of our concern. After all, Retrenchment is dismissal of employees due to economic reasons. That means the employer company is experiencing financial losses.

But just because today’s economy is growing, tomorrow would be rosy.

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Can a co-owner of a real property sell a specific portion of the land?

No, a co-owner is entitled to a proportionate share in the land but he is not the owner of a specific portion of land. He can be an owner of a specific piece of property only when the property has been partitioned.

In this sense, he cannot sell a specific piece. Thus, when a buyer purchases a specific piece of land from the co-owner, it must be with the consent of all the other co-owners.

Otherwise, the buyer merely purchases the pro indiviso share of the seller/ co-owner.

When You Buy Property Registered Under the Name of a Deceased Person

A common problem in the Philippines is buying property but the title is still registered under the name of deceased persons. In short, you are dealing with the heirs of the owners of the real property.

The problem with this is that there are many heirs of the property and it may be that it becomes very difficult to assemble all the heirs to agree to sell and sign the document.

If you are just dealing with one heir, you should make sure that all the heirs agree to sell to you. This is to avoid headache and have peace of mind. Just one heir cannot sell the entire property to you. In that case you are only buying his share, meaning you become a co-owner with the heirs. But what you are buying, really, is headache.

Should an Employee Be First Convicted of Theft Before He Can Be Dismissed?

We hear it all the time. Employees stealing company property. We hear maintenance workers stealing spare parts. Cooks stealing meat from the kitchen. Laborers stealing scrap metal from the company backyard.

The common denominator of them all is that it is very hard to catch them in the act of stealing. It is very hard to prosecute them before the criminal courts. They tend to get away.

Not only that.

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IN THE NEWS: DOLE orders PLDT to Regularize Workers

In this news, it seems DOLE has already issued a Decision to regularize workers under a labor-only contracting arrangement. PLDT filed a motion for reconsideration which was denied by PLDT. The decision and resolution has become final and executory.

Labor-only contracting is a prohibited arrangement whereby the contractor merely supplies workers to its clients.

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When a Managerial Employee May Not Be Dismissed on the Ground of Loss of Confidence

As managerial employees, you have to gain the trust and condidence of your employer.

As stated in my previous post, a manager gives up rigid standards for his dismissal upon his promotion.

But is there instance when he cannot be dismissed? In other words, when is dismissal of a managerial employee based on loss of trust and confidence illegal?

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