Employees have better access to speedy justice during SENA

Enployees especially barely scraping by needs speedy closure to their labor problems.

Usually their claims are simple money claims like payment below minimum wage.

Under the Single Entry Approach, enployees can get their employers on thr table and air their grievances and claim what is due them.

Of course, this proceeding is just summary and works towards amicable settlement.

Nobody not even the hearing officer can coerce the parties to settle. But for claims that are rightfully due and not so substantial, SENA might just give employees speedy justice.

This is not to mention helping to clog the labor arbiters’ dockets.

Wage Increase for Metro Cebu takes Effect on August 3, 2018

DOLE is now focus on increasing productivity. Mandaue Chamber of Commerce said they respect the wage board’s decision. What is now important is to increase labor productivity.

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IN THE NEWS: DOLE orders PLDT to Regularize Workers

In this news, it seems DOLE has already issued a Decision to regularize workers under a labor-only contracting arrangement. PLDT filed a motion for reconsideration which was denied by PLDT. The decision and resolution has become final and executory.

Labor-only contracting is a prohibited arrangement whereby the contractor merely supplies workers to its clients.

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Opening of Mactan Airport Terminal 2 might just as well boost employment in Cebu

With terminal 2 of MCIA open, the hospitality business might just expand due to increase in tourist coming in.

The more hotels opening up, the employment growth will come. In other words, more people will get jobs.

With it, more labor relations problem will come. But considering the speedy disposition of labor cases in Cebu, problems get resolve quickly and employers and employees get on with their business.

I think DOLE can still absorb increase in employment and labor problems in Cebu, which is good because as they say justice delayed is justice denied.

Will the Telecommuting Act of 2017 (Senate Bill No. 1363) give me a disadvantage vis-a-vis my other colleagues who are working in the company premises?

{Philippines} In urbanized areas, traffic is a way of life. Though the telecommuting act (S. B. No. 1363) is not mandatory as it is subject to agreement between the employer and employee, it goes a long way to improve the productivity and welfare of the employee. No need to fight the traffic. Less transporation expenses (especiall with the increasing gas prices nowadays).

But in terms of pay and benefits, does the proposed bill ensure that employees get what another employee who is working at the company premises would get?

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