Wage Increase for Metro Cebu takes Effect on August 3, 2018

DOLE is now focus on increasing productivity. Mandaue Chamber of Commerce said they respect the wage board’s decision. What is now important is to increase labor productivity.

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New members to the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce

Last May 24, 2018, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce Inc. officially added 33 members into the business group. I was fortunate to be one of the 33 members. I am excited how I could participate and contribute to this well-respected organization.

Note: I’m in the 2nd row, fifth from right.

Proposed ₱750 National Minimum Wage Increase

This week, news (also this news video) came regarding the proposed law increasing national minimum wage to P750. The proposed law met opposition from the business community in Cebu and Mandaue City.

The Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce (MCCI) Vice President, Steven Yu, said that the proposed law will hurt SMEs.

For me, this is particularly true in Mandaue City where most companies range from small to medium-sized.

Based on National Statistics Office and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council Resolution No. 1, Series 2003 as mentioned in this discussion paper regarding SMEs, a micro enterprise consists of 1-9 employees with ₱3 million or less in assets, small enterprise consists of 10-99 employees with ₱3-₱15 million in assets and a medium enterprise consists of 100-199 employees with ₱15-₱100 million in assets.

These enterprises dominate the economy and that includes Mandaue City where SMES are typically engaged in retail, wholesale, and light manufacturing. These types of companies cannot just increase the prices of their products and services overnight. Therefore, it is not feasible to impose upon them a national minimum wage of ₱750 a day which is around 200% increase from the present minimum wage of ₱366 in Metro Cebu.

This is not a show of apathy to the plight of the working masses. What is meant is the invitation to determine a win-win solution to the problem based on the specific circumstances of the situation.